Why presence of god is reduced merely to temples ?

First question which comes to my mind is “How come we are so sure that  god live in these man-made temples”. Right from the childhood we are forced to believe that God lives in the temples mostly which are near to our houses but in schools exactly opposite thing is taught that “God is omnipresent”, now how come the god who is present everywhere can be found in temples only ?  Anyways let us move ahead ,so as per our convenience we visit these temples on a particular day either decided by our religion or by our pundits .Many names are assigned to GOD  like RAM, MOHHAMAD, JESUS ,GURU NANAK ,MAHAVIR ,BUDDHA and many more…   and praying one form of GOD is passed through generations as family tradition .

We go to temples  to tell our demands to the idols of God or ask forgiveness for our sins but never thank for what we are blessed with !

The irony of the situation is we don’t know what we want because whenever our want is fulfilled we become aware of the loopholes then we ask for removal of these loopholes and eventually we get trapped in vicious circle of begging again and again. Now the other set of people who ask for forgiveness after committing a selfish act , feel that their sins are washed away because god has a big heart to forgive all. Eventually both become the regular visitors.

Another serious question is “Is God a product” created by us or is their actually a supreme power who created us ?

Let us assume GOD is created to threaten the sinners and later on we found the other uses of the product .No one has the scientific answer to this question. Now instead of sticking to this temple going habit, if we start believing god is everywhere and supervising our every act and we consider him before taking any unjust decision then world will become a better place to live.

Be thankful instead of begging.


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